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Application Procedure

For a detailed description of the application procedure see the official page of the Master Service Centre. You have to apply by using the online application platform - please don't send your application via email or on a postal way, you have to use the platform.

The online application platform opens from April 1st, the deadline for application is July, 15th! The deadline is strict. The intake is only in the winter semester.


  • Read this first before you start the online application process.
  • Be sure that you want to apply for a rsearch-oriented programme in economics. The programme is not about Business Administration.
  • Don't translate your grades into our grading system by yourself. Don't translate your credits into our ECTS by yourself. This is done either by your university or our Master Service Centre or the admission commission.
  • At the end of the online application procedure you have to send the printed version of the generated formular ("Antrag auf Zulassung zu Masterstudium") with your signature to the Master Service Centre, and not to the program coordinator!
  • After the Master Service Centre has checked your documents and translated the grades, the admission commission will have access to your application database entry. The commission will start evaluating your documents as soon as possible (not waiting until the end of application period) and inform the Master Service Centre about their decision. Admission/rejection letters are then sent by the Master Service Centre. Please note that about 90% of the applicants are in need of visa and therefore need an early decision. We do our best already. We kindly ask you to abstain from requests regarding the status of your application only to very urgent cases.

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