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Application Requirements

We expect a sound pre-education in economics, mathematics, and statistics. We expect in particular a basic knowlege of microeconomics (e.g. Varian's textbook on Microeconomics or comparable), macroeconomics (e.g. Blanchard's textbook on Macroeconomics or comparable), basic algebra (including vectors and matrices), calculus (derivatives, integrals) and statistics (estimation, hypothesis tests). Furthermore, we expect some knowledge in further fields of economics (e.g. international trade, public finance, industrial economics etc.). Please note that we are restrictive in counting courses as "economics" courses. Courses related to business administration, accounting, management, business finance etc. do not count. Courses with a potentially ideological background as well as courses with a more descriptive content, such like regional specifities of a certain econonmy, do not count. In general, we apply the criteria strictly because of the very high number of applicants. Please see also this document which you have to use for your online application.

We highly recommend to take this self-test which should help you  to find out whether your skills and interests are a good match for our study program.

Courses where the content and level is unclear, will not be acknowledged. Therefore it is recommendable to submit brief syllabi of the courses in mathematics, statistics, and economics. The ECTS criteria as explained below are therefore a necessary but not sifficient basis for our assessment of your eligibility. To get an impression about our education in Jena, we recommend to check the websites of our teachers, look through the provided course materials and past examination questions.

Before you apply you should be sure that this program fits your interests and is suitable for your future plans. Make also sure that your financial situation allows for a study of two years.

Application requirements for M.Sc. Economics (2 year):

  • University degree with a duration of at least 3 years and at least 180 ECTS.
  • Final grade has to be 2,5 or better (German grading system). Applicants with a Bachelor degree must be under the 65% of the best in their year.
  • Required pre-education: 6 ECTS in mathematics, 6 ECTS in statistics, 22 ECTS in economics. However, also the quality, level, and broadness of the pre-education is taken into consideration, not only the number of credits.
  • Language proficiency: English B2 (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages), certified by IELTS 6.0 or TOEFL 90 (IBT). For exceptions see FAQ. German proficiency is not required but highly recommended.

Note: The label of the previous degree is less important. GMAT is not required.